• Project Definition
  • Site Evaluation & Selection
  • Regulatory Representation
  • Building Design
  • Computer-Aided Drafting (CAD)
  • Construction Documents
  • Architectural Renderings
  • Specification Writing
  • Critical Path Scheduling
  • Value "Engineering"
  • Project Bidding
  • Contractor Selection
  • Permit Expediting

During Construction:

  • Construction Oversight
  • Site Inspection
  • Materials Selection
  • Quality Assurance


  • Space & Use Optimization
  • Furniture & Art Selection
  • Promotion

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Have you thought about what special features you want?


In all likelihood, you won't need help with every single aspect of your project.  But we're here to lend a hand whenever you need assistance. 

For Example . . .

Project Definition:

  • Have you amply addressed future needs?
  • Have you drafted a realistic budget?
  • Is your project consistent with its planned location?
  • Can you consolidate some functionality?  (Can today's Game Room be tomorrow's Nursery?)

We can help you "nail down" the scope of your project so you don't get "surprises" later on.

Regulatory Representation:

  • Do you need a municipality "variance"?
  • Or perhaps a "special exception"?
  • Will your project need to pass a Design, Zoning or Historic District review?

As we have done for numerous clients, we can represent you before regulatory bodies like Design Review boards, Zoning boards, etc.

Value "Engineering":

  • Do you know your options for high-priced items like windows, cabinets and appliances?
  • Is "tilt-up" better than concrete block?
  • Is metal framing better than wood framing?
  • Are double-paned windows a necessity?
  • What about "hurricane" windows?
  • How much insulation is too much?

The answers to many questions like this may surprise you.  We can help you make sense of the many claims you will hear from suppliers, and help you understand where you may be tempted to "overspend" and "underspend".

Site Evaluation:

  • Do you know how big of a house you can build on your site?  (Some areas now place limits.)
  • Have you asked your real estate agent the important questions about your site?
  • Is a recent survey of your site available?
  • Have soil conditions been tested?
  • Do you understand the restrictions common to waterfront sites?

We can help you make an informed choice among the lots you are considering.

Architectural Renderings:

  • Does your subdivision or municipality require perspective renderings or other presentation materials?  (Some may.)
  • Would you like a better idea of how your home will look when it's done?

We've got you covered.  As you can see on our  Gallery  page, we have produced architectural renderings not only for ourselves, but also for some of the largest commercial and residential architectural firms in Florida.

Project Bidding:

  • Is it better to go "fixed price" or "cost plus"?
  • Are the contractors you're interviewing bidding "apples for apples"?
  • How long should a bid take?
  • What does a contractor need for bidding?

We can help you navigate through the process of bidding your project.

The above examples illustrate just a few of the ways we can assist you.  In addition, they should begin to give you an idea of what to expect during your project.  Our new  Learning Center  page provides additional information and tips.

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